Well hello there,

So glad you could join us. Please do make yourself at home.

We are just awaiting our first review. If you'd like to be one of our reviewers, please email us at backlightbooks@gmail.com

Backlight is a place to ramble on to all who will listen about the latest book you have read. We are a ragtag bunch of anyone who cares about books enough to want to tell someone else about them. Its a place to maybe find a new book you want to read, or

Backlight was started because I often want to review the books I read, and my other blog didn't quite seem to be the place to do it. But because I work and do various other bits and pieces, if I had started up a new blog myself it would have been far too sparse and sporadic to be worthwhile. Then it occurred to me that perhaps there are many people like me, and if we all posted a review whenever we finished a book, we might end up with a fairly regular pattern of posts.

So here we are. Get to know us, and love us, and keep reading books whenever you can.

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