Fox Populi- Kate Fox-2013


I know of Kate and her poetry from a couple of stand-up comedy gigs I have been to which she has performed at. She’s always come across as warm and funny and personable on stage.

I was prompted to buy this book after seeing Kate’s one woman show about being child-free. It was a lovely show, if a little strange to hear someone saying things on stage that so closely mirror your own thoughts.

Its been years and years since I actually properly read any poetry, and I was worried that I might have lost the technique and wouldn’t be able to extract any meaning from poetry anymore. But I found this collection accessible and easy to read.

It’s a nice mix of poems, funny and emotional in all the right bits. It’s not too long and not too short, and made me think that I should start to read some more poetry.

My particular favourite poem is “Our Ends in the North”

“On the second day I was on the bus
when there was a bang and all the lights went out-
and there was a chorus,
of “Call this an Apocalypse? I felt nowt”.
and “Grimsby hasn’t looked this good since
the Germans redecorated.”
You’ve got to make the best of things,
Northerners are tough like that
nobody else compares."

I'd recommend it to anyone who maybe feels a bit intimidated by reading poetry, as I did.


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