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About Backlight


Backlight is a book review blog written by people who don't have time to read as much as they would like, for whatever reason that may be.

Why Backlight? It came to be as I was reading a book on my phone in the dark. Its a nice word, one that evokes cityscapes at twilight, horizons, surreptitious reading of books under the duvet with a torch when you should be asleep. Its for the stolen moments where you slip away into another world and escape into the pages.

If you'd like to write reviews for us, email us at It doesn't really matter how often you think you can leave a review. The odd one now and then is fine.

You can review any type of book you like, in whatever style suits you, whenever you want. Let your personality in and be honest and the rest should sort itself out. None of us are professional book reviewers- we are just passionate- if often frustrated by lack of time- readers.

Don't worry if someone has already written a review of a book- we still want to hear your side. We think its valuable and important to consider how a book has made different people feel.

We hope you enjoy reading our reviews.

The Backlight Contributors

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