Creed - James Herbert


Creed is the third book I’ve read by James Herbert, the first being The Fog followed by The Rats. He is fast becoming my favourite author! Sadly he died earlier this year but his legacy of books lives on.

I've never written a book review so I’ll just write it how I’d like to read a review.

Basic outline of this book is Joe Creed is a London-based paparazzi who always gets the good shot and is basically hated by everyone as he gets stars in compromising positions all the time. However there is one shot he should not have taken, one which turns his world into a turmoil of devil worship, murder and a bit of supernaturalness!

The main man Joe is actually a likable guy. I did enjoy his character as the love to hate arsehole that he is portrayed as. There's plenty of character development around him so it’s not just another shallow would-be hero.
I do like James Herbert’s writing style, its easy to read and follow and this book is just the same. It’s not dumb by any means though! Enough characters to keep it interesting but not too many to get lost in. I’m a bit thick when it comes to reading and I always seem to forget who people are!  
<Backlight note- Paul is not in the least bit thick, but is just far too modest for his own good>

The book keeps you guessing and for the most of it I was never really sure what was going on- is it supernatural? Is it all an illusion? It all gets very weird at the end and really kept me turning the pages (well swiping to the left on my Nexus 7) It’s not as graphic as the other books I've read, nothing like The Rats that’s for sure. There are a couple of graphic ‘rude’ scenes though, which is not my thing!

I got this book as entertainment while on holiday on the beach and it did just that!

Paul x

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